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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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This coffee from Negele Gurbitu comes from the Yirgacheffe region, a famous coffee-growing region in Ethiopia.

Grown very high up around 1700 to 2000 meters, this coffee has been harvested between October and December and is fully washed. These coffee trees are of the fantastic Heirloom variety.

Expect funky and floral flavours; think of Earl Grey tea and whisky.

Process method: Washed

Roast level: Light - Medium 

Taste profile: Earl Grey, Whiskey, Floral

Regions: Ethiopia

Body: 3/5 - Sweetness: 3/5 - Acidity: 4/5 

*Our coffee is roasted on-demand, in small batches, every week as part of our 100% freshness guarantee* 

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