About Us

What does 'Knus' mean?

Knus, pronounced 'k nuse' (knuːs), means hug & comfort in Dutch. A hug always feels good, and that's the feeling we aim to put into each cup of our coffee. 


Our Mission

Over recent years, many people have moved to towards a hybrid or remote working model, resulting in smaller social circles and fewer trips to our favorite coffee stations. Here at Knus, we understand the importance the simple act of a “coffee catchup” can have on relationships. A cup of coffee can not only help you feel re-energized, but it can help you stay connected to one another and make handling everyday stresses easier.

Knus is passionate about encouraging these special moments wherever they are, by taking a digital-first approach to provide our customers with high-grade, speciality coffee roasted freshly to their door.


Our Impact

We are keen to give back to our communities by making charitable donations with each and every bag of coffee sold. 

We care about our world, and believe every business should try to minimize their carbon footprint. To ensure we live up to this, we do the following:

  • Order in bulk to reduce transport cost
  • Work with renewable energy
  • Use biodegradable filing for packaging
  • Use paper tape instead of plastic tape
  • Work with other carbon neutral companies such as DPD
  • Support World Coffee Research