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This supremo coffee from Colombia, which is of the Caturra, Typica and Bourbon varieties, is chocolatey and nutty. We source it from Medellin—a delicious mild coffee as a filter and sweet and slightly bright as an espresso.

Colombia is one of the finest coffee-growing countries in the world, and coffee beans from here have a fantastic reputation. Being the third largest grower of coffee, Colombians know what they are doing and have been doing so since 1790.

This coffee is fully washed, delivering clarity and a healthy brightness in the cup that can be enjoyed in large quantities any time of the day.

    Process method: Washed

    Roast level: Light - Medium

    Taste profile:  Milk Chocolate, Nutty, Sweet

    Regions: Colombia

    Body: 3/5 - Sweetness: 3/5 - Acidity: 3/5

    *Our coffee is roasted on-demand, in small batches, every week as part of our 100% freshness guarantee*

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