Our Coffee

About the beans

We work with the some of the best speciality-grade coffee roasters in the country. This is what they live and breathe. Our coffee is proudly ethically sourced and farmers have been paid above the minimum Fairtrade price and always above the market price.

When our coffee is roasted, green coffee beans are put into the coffee roasting machine. The beans come from the trolley which has built-in scales and are sucked by vacuum into the hopper of the roaster.

The beans are then cooled with air. The beans are moved around inside the roaster consistently by paddles and a stream of very hot air is passed through the coffee.

Machines that have full control over the heat are used. Because the heat is so direct, being able to make quick adjustments to the roast is key. Compared to a traditional coffee roaster where you have flames heating a drum, these machines direct heat straight at the beans.

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